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Buyer Protections During An Acquisition

Acquisitions are an excellent way to scale your financial practice and achieve rapid growth. As with any purchase, there is always the danger that something will go wrong. It’s good to hope for the best, but smart advisors know to also build certain protections into the deal in order to preserve their investment and maintain…

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One Thing You Should Do Before Structuring An Acquisition Deal

It’s always a good idea to do your homework before making a big purchase or entering into an agreement. It’s especially true when buying another financial advisory practice. Financing options for advisor acquisitions have improved significantly over the last several years. However, financing can also be an issue if you don’t take the right steps…

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How Personality Impacts Acquisitions

Competition for acquisition opportunities has remained stiff in the financial advisor space for several years. With multiple advisors vying for the same opportunities, sellers are able to look beyond the bid in order to select a truly “right fit” advisor for their succession. As a result, personality and “likability” continue to be the most important…

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A Great Source For Acquisitions

M&A activity in the financial advisor market has steadily increased over the last few years and understandably so. Acquisitions are an excellent way to quickly grow a practice. However, the supply of available practices for sale has not kept pace with demand creating stiff competition for practices among buyers. Many would be buyers concentrate their…

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The Importance Of Not Doing An Acquisition Alone

Many advisors are eager to grow through acquisitions. For those pursuing their first or even second acquisition, there are many blind spots that can create problems for advisors. Even if the issues don’t manifest right away, something an advisor doesn’t know to look for can show up later on and become a major financial and…

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Risks and Protections to Financing Partner Buy-Ins and Phased Successions

The financial advisor industry is rapidly growing. In tandem with that growth is a largely aging advisor force who must now look to next generation leaders to help carry the practice into the future. For many, an internal succession plan must rely on third-party financing so that junior advisors can bring the necessary capital to…

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An Overlooked Avenue of Growth For Financial Advisors

When it comes to growing a financial advisory firm, growth strategies usually land into two camps: organic and inorganic growth. Organic growth generally involves client prospecting and business development efforts while inorganic growth focuses on mergers and acquisitions. Between these two paths lies another overlooked avenue for growth for financial advisors – next generation leaders…

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Should You Choose Conventional or SBA for Financial Advisor Loans

As mentioned in a previous post, financial advisors now have options when it comes to financing growth for their firm. Lenders have increasingly become more aware of the market and are developing loan solutions to match the needs of financial advisors. Those loan products typically fall into one of two buckets: conventional loans or SBA…

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