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Empowering Investment Advisory Firms with Tailored Financing Solutions

Ready to acquire another firm or plan to increase your stake in your own firm? Then turn to PPC LOAN, a trusted source for conventional cash-flow based financing.


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At PPC LOAN, we're committed to equipping you with the financial tools to successfully acquire another business or take on more of your own firm's equity. As a specialty lender for investment advisory firms, we provide conventional business loans with tailored financing terms for acquisitions, internal equity purchases, and debt restructuring.

Growth Loans™

Find a business acquisition loan designed to support your firm's growth.

NextGen Loans™

Secure equity funding to enhance your stake in the firm.

Refi Loans™

Protect your firm's cash flow with debt restructuring and refinancing options.

our services

Our Process

We've combined decades of experience to create a three-step process that sets PPC LOAN apart from other business lenders. How? By focusing on what really matters: your firm's success. From consultation to closing, our specialists are thoroughly familiar with your needs and goals. The time taken to understand your business enables our team to guide you every step of the way and toward a fit-for-purpose business loan.

Our mission to help investment advisory firms reach their potential goes beyond offering business loans with flexible terms.

We offer resources that provide valuable information on:
  • Factors to consider when you want to acquire another practice
  • Strategies you can use to determine the best deal structure
  • Tips to grow your financial equity
  • Steps you can take to reduce risk when transferring partial or full equity ownership
  • Financial industry trends that affect your business and professional practice
  • And more
We regularly publish new content to ensure you're kept up to speed on the most important and relevant issues.