NextGen Loans™

Increase your stake in the firm with internal equity financing.

What You Can Expect

Are you considering buying an equity interest or acquiring more equity in your investment advisory firm? Whether you're an employee or part-owner of the firm, equity financing can equip you with the flexibility to increase ownership in the business without becoming strapped for cash.

PPC LOAN's NextGen Loans™allow you to grow your stake in the firm while maintaining a strong financial base.

Our team works with you to design a personalized solution that complements your purchase goals - be it partial or total equity. Even if you want to acquire some equity immediately and buy the rest later, we can help.

Conversely, if you own an investment advisory firm and you want to sell your business, we can help facilitate succession planning. Our investment advisor funding experts take the time to learn about your firm and recommend transition strategies that can prepare the new owner for a seamless transaction while preserving the legacy of your achievement.

PPC LOAN focuses on the specific financial needs of every client, which means we deliver internal equity financing or succession planning services that protect your best interests.

Benefits of NextGen Loans™

When you make the decision to step up to the role of owner or partner in your firm, equity financing can be an invaluable strategy to protect your financial position as you increase your stake in the business. Customers who take out private equity loans with PPC LOAN can look forward to multiple financial advantages:

  • Faster path to financing - We strive to get you funding quickly. Our investment advisor funding experts have the knowledge and experience to help you acquire the equity you need.
  • Tailored approach - Traditional banks don't fund private equity loans. Many business owners who reach out for equity financing are simply turned away. But at PPC LOAN, we listen and work to create flexible terms that factor in your business goals.
  • Reduced paperwork - We've designed a quick and easy process by eliminating many administrative routines. We want to help you get equity financing faster so you can reach your goals sooner.
  • More funding available when required - Our private equity loans are designed to support your unique business situation, which means you can have access to more capital when you need it.

“We are extremely pleased with PPC LOAN. Ashley and Dustin made everything so easy for us. I really appreciate how organized Ashley is and how she always followed up on all aspects of our loan. We felt that everything was taken care of through the entire process. We are currently working on our second loan with you all now! Thank you!”

- Franchise Operations Director, VA

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Discover how PPC LOAN can enhance your stake in the firm with equity financing tailored to your financial needs.

How It Works

The path to equity financing shouldn't be arduous or confusing. PPC LOAN's three-step process for private equity loans is streamlined from the time you meet with a funding expert, to the time you sign the loan and review all closing documents.