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Welcome to PPC LOAN’s insights center for investment advisory firms. Whether it’s articles and case studies on business financing or upcoming events, you’ll find carefully researched and tailored content that covers important trends and challenges. Accelerate your firm’s growth with acquisition financing strategies, equity purchase tips and more.

Program Overview and Sample Deals

Conventional Acquisition Financing

Growth Loans™ provide speed and flexibility to help you secure financing options tailored to your Investment Advisory acquisition needs.

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Conventional Financing for Equity Purchases

NextGen Loans™ can equip you with the flexibility to grow equity in your firm or acquire more equity while maintaining a strong financial base.

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Refinancing Your Business Debt is Easier than Ever

RefiLoans™ make it simple to restructure your business debt to safeguard your firm’s financial health so you can achieve your business goals.

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Partner Firms

PPC LOAN's preferred specialists based in or around your area, ready to help you facilitate your transaction. Whether it's a business acquisition, an equity purchase or succession planning, our recommended professionals will work with you to meet your financial goals.

Investment Advisor Events