Featured Panelist at 2022 DeVoe M&A+ Succession Summit

August 10, 2022 – The Woodlands, Texas: PPC LOAN is proud to sponsor and serve as an expert at the annual DeVoe M&A+ Succession Summit. The two-day interactive meeting takes place September 21-22, 2022, in Chicago, Illinois and brings together the top players and experts in RIA M&A and successions.

Managing Director of PPC LOAN, Dustin Mangone, will serve on the “Financing Your M&A and Succession Plans” panel at this year’s summit. Mangone, along with other industry lenders, will share best practices, trends, and considerations for advisors looking to secure financing for M&A transactions. Mangone has facilitated hundreds of advisor loans, and consulted for thousands of advisors on deal structure, considerations, and financing options for M&A transactions. He brings experience working with RIA and IBD advisors across the industry, as well as knowledge of common challenges in M&A and how to mitigate risk for both buyers and sellers.

The DeVoe M&A+ Succession Summit provides industry leaders with two days of networking and interactive sessions featuring dozens of experts discussing M&A trends, best practices, lessons learned. Advisors canalso participate in one-on-one meetings with industry experts, such as Mangone, during which time they can get all their M&A and succession questions answered. The event takes place at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago, Illinois and is presented by DeVoe& Company, a leading strategic advisor to Registered Independent Advisors. To view the full agenda and to register for the event, visit  https://www.devoeandcompany.com/ma-summit.

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