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Business Loans Attuned to Your Lending Needs

Helping investment advisors secure the best financing options for acquisitions, internal equity purchases and loan refinancing.

Growth Loans™

If you're an investment advisor ready to grow your firm, look no further than PPC LOAN for tailored business loans. We'll find the best financing option that aligns with your acquisition goals. Our team will support you throughout the process - from evaluating proposed terms of a deal to navigating the relationship with the seller.

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NextGen Loans™

Whether you're an employee or part-owner of an investment advisory firm and you're considering an equity purchase, PPC LOAN offers equity funding tailored to meet your needs. With flexible terms and competitive interest rates, you'll be in a stronger financial position to achieve your goals.

Refi Loans™

The financial benefits of debt refinancing range from lowering the cost of your firm's capital, to extending the terms of your loan and even acquiring more capital. Our specialists carefully examine your situation to find you the best refinancing option for your business needs.

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"William Dunn and Tabitha Hughes did a great job to get this done. Even if it meant emailing me or leaving me phone messages in the evening to let me know about the important stuff that had to be completed before the holidays so I knew where to focus my energies for a better underwriting experience. Thanks again."

Franchise Advisor, NY

How It Works

From the first phone call to the time we close your loan, PPC LOAN's specialists will support you throughout our three-step process. Find out how we help customers get business loans strategically aligned with their financial needs.

Understanding your equity needs  

To better serve our customers, we are conducting the National Investment Advisor Market Trend Survey, which will help us understand your specific business needs and allow us to customize the financial tools you’ll need when acquiring another business or taking on more of your own firm’s equity.

Your input is invaluable, please take a moment to complete the survey.